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Jessiebelle Green - Princess of Nature by MadTeaGarden124
Jessiebelle Green - Princess of Nature
// maybe it's not the best background story, B-but at least I tried and I'm gonna make it better //

Name: Jessiebelle Green
Nickname: Belle, Jess, Jessie

Race: Alicorn ( origanly Unicorn )
Gender: Mare

Hometown: Vanhoover
Current Residence: Galloping Gorge

Occupation: Makes nature grow during summer and spring

Allegiance: The princesses

Cutie mark: a vase with twigs off sakura flowers

Special talent: Flying, nature magic

Mother - Unicorn
Father - Unicorn

Friends: A large sunflower outside her house

Personality and flaws: If you see her from far away, she'll look like a kind mother but if you talk to her she'll get flustered and run away. Ever since she became an alicorn she's been living by her own with her plants in the Galloping Gorge. The only ponies she talks to is the princesses when she's needed.

Short bio: Before becoming an alicorn, she was a normal unicorn that specilazed in flowers and trees. She owned her own flower shop in her hometown, Vanhoover.

How she became an Alicorn: After Twiligts battle with Tirek, the land outside of Ponyville was so destroied and messed up, Celestia asked all the ponies that specalized in plants and nature to fix it up. That's where she noticed Jessiebelles power. celestia asked her to come to canterlot and study there.

Powers: Flying
Walking on clouds
the power to control nature (make things grow f.e)
Oland | Hetalia Oc by MadTeaGarden124
Oland | Hetalia Oc
I remade my Öland oc~ since now I've been there so I made her after the way I saw everything~

Name: Eri Oxenstierna
Island Name: Öland
Age: 18 y/o
Biggest city: Borgholm
Flag: Dark blue with yellow reindeer
Population: 25,000 - 50,000 people

Human info:
Name: Eri
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Female
Birthday: 20/6
Language: Swedish
Bad Habbits: Trips often, loud and sometimes curses
Likes: Berwald, Lukas, Tino, Emil, Matthias, the ocean, Poppies, windmills, the piano and strawberries
Dislikes: Spiders, clowns and trains
Hobbies: Playing the piano, picking blueberries/strawberries, games
Fears: Clowns
Personality: she looks shy at first but she's really loud. But even if she's loud, she's sweet, kind and loves spending time with her friends and her Nordic family. She's clumsy and often trips over her own feet.

Height: 160 cm
Weight: 65kg
Hair: longer than shoulder length, about how mid back and strawberry blonde
Eyes: Green with the green off the forest, shaped as trees
Skin: milky white
Birthmark: a windmill on her left shoulder
Outfit: a white dress about knee length, a poppy in her hair and black convers with spikes

Ancestors: Sweden
Family: the Nordic and big brother Gottland
Friends: Hungary, Lichtenstein, Taiwan, Prussia and Japan
Pet: A big Reindeer
Crush: Norway (but won't act upon it)
Mood: Nervous
Listening to: Destery
Drinking: Nothing

Yaay~ I'm going to the best convention in Sweden, NärCon!
I'm really hyped!
But I have to sit 2 hours on a buss but it's totally worth it!
But for those who watches me and actually looks at my content, I will not be uploading anything for about 4-5 days


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Sam-Juliet Rosen
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I love to draw, but I'm only decent at it

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